What is hypnosis?


People often ask themselves: will I be able to go into hypnosis? The answer is simple… certainly! We all experience hypnotic states very regularly in our daily lives. It is a natural state that we all have the possibility to reach. You have to want it and accept it, and allow yourself to let go… The choice is ours!

Hypnosis is a modified state of consciousness that allows us, at a certain level of depth, to bypass the critical factor of our conscious, rational side and create a new belief system.

This means that we can act for our own well-being, and the keys to success are within us!

The goal with hypnosis is to modify, improve or replace certain habits, behaviours or emotions that are registered in our subconscious and that we wish to change.

Do you want to manage your life better, get rid of stress and live more peacefully? Do you want to calm deep conflicts between what you want to do and what you actually do? Do you want to be able to manage chronic pain and feel better? Do you sometimes have the impression that your life is conditioned, in terms of your choices, relationships, sleep, fears, etc., and find that your conscious desires do not match your reactions or behaviours or choices?

The good news is that you can act and release your potential. You can act to create your own well-being. The keys to your change are within you.

The Simpson Protocol is an holistic, need-oriented and adapted process, that allows you to overcome your barriers and improve the quality of your life. You can calm internal conflicts and help reprogram your subconscious to change the direction of your life.

You will quickly have the means to use self-hypnosis to activate and continue to reinforce the desired changes.

The fields of application are immense and constantly evolving… it is a regenerating experience!

Contact me to find out more and free yourself from fears and preconceptions about hypnosis…