I found the face-to-face training and the exchanges with the participants very enriching. (…) I really appreciated the way things were presented, simply and giving everyone the opportunity to “change” what might be bothering them.

LM – Switzerland

I highly recommend it. An excellent experience (…) I use SP daily on myself, mix it according to my needs, and it’s very effective and powerful.

Great training, easiness, empathy and wonderful experience. Enjoy, you won’t be disappointed if you want to add a tool to your therapeutic hypnosis competences.

OB – Switzerland

Annamaria’s self-hypnosis course has the advantage of being accessible for regular use. The ease of the protocol and the flexibility of use make this tool very practical. I was happy to be able to discover it with Annamaria whose calm and benevolent presence makes us feel confident. I was quickly transported to a state of deep relaxation.

TF – Switzerland
Self hypnosis workshop

The self-hypnosis workshop I took with Annamaria is a valuable tool for life. Annamaria knows how to teach the Simpson Protocol with clarity and efficiency, until you feel comfortable using it. I am really glad I did it.

MED – Switzerland
Self hypnosis workshop

A very big thank you to you for these 6 days of training. Your wonderful guidance as a trainer really helped me, I gained confidence in myself during this training. The dynamic that you created in our group of learners was really very beautiful. This Simpson Protocol training is very simple and at the same time very complete, it was a great discovery for me.

NL – Switzerland
Simpson Protocol Class

I loved these very rewarding hypnotic moments. I highly recommend it. Bravo Annamaria, thank you for your kindness and your professionalism.

J.P.S – Switzerland

Thank you for this great course. I hope to use it soon to manage certain situations that require it.

L.V. – Switzerland

What a pleasure to have followed this course! I made an extraordinary journey guided by your words and I, who was not very inclined to try self-hypnosis. I will return with pleasure.

D.D. – Switzerland

I liked all the practices that allowed me to feel and experience hypnosis. The explanations were simple and clear. I am very happy with this training which will certainly be very useful to recenter myself, to reconnect with myself.

K.M. – Switzerland

Annamaria’s help and generosity got me through the toughest allergy attacks I had this spring. Her soothing voice and patience were perfect for making me feel safe. I learned something new after every session.

H.R. – Canada

Thank you Annamaria for your availability and professionalism.

A.S. – Italy

It was a great pleasure to work with you and I will certainly keep your address.

C.S. – Switzerland

It was a good experience. I feel great! Thank you

D.S. – USA

I really appreciate the hypnosis sessions with Mrs. La Scala. I find them very complete. They allow me to connect to my superconscious, and then by letting myself be guided everything comes to me.

I suffer from chronic neck, shoulder and back pain. I found the way to soothe and heal the pain and my emotions.

I also appreciate being able to do self-hypnosis by myself afterwards! Thank you, Mrs. La Scala!

I.H.H. – Switzerland

Thanks to hypnosis, I was able to manage my anxieties and find calm again. There is a light space that opens up within me and allows me to breathe more calmly and relaxed.

Hypnosis has been a good complement to psychotherapy

A.R. – Switzerland

I am very pleased with the results of self-hypnosis (for pain, sleep, stress, etc.).

The self-hypnosis that I practice every day effectively helps me to reduce pain, stay more relaxed and sleep well. The positive and immediate effect at the end of the session is incredible.

S.M. –  Switzerland

I suffered for more than a year from two heel spurs on my left foot. Various treatments and a long immobilization were not enough. Revolted and depressed, I no longer enjoyed walking, even for essential trips. The instruments of sophrology, which I learned 50 years ago and that I practice occasionally did not really help me.

Convinced by the power of self-hypnosis and with great confidence in the expertise of Mrs. Annamaria La Scala, I immediately accepted a first 2-hour session with the Simpson Protocol on March 10, 2021.

Through her, I communicated with my superconscious and discovered the insane energy I was putting into fighting the pain. I immediately let go, was overwhelmed by a great confidence, a state of harmony and felt the joy of my liberated energies.

My pain disappeared and did not return. I can now find this harmonious and peaceful state when I need it in self-hypnosis.

M.H. – Switzerland

Dear Annamaria, thank you so much for the work you did this morning with me. It was wonderful and deep!!

M.G.M. – Switzerland

Hi Annamaria, a 1000 thanks again for yesterday’s session. What can I say except that it was just… wow!  I lived a unique moment thanks to you!

C.D. – Switzerland

The experience with hypnosis was new and challenging for me. Annamaria is a reassuring and effective guide.

R.P. – Italy

Annamaria is a true blessing. She has a soothing voice and calming presence. Through her guidance and professionalism, I feel that I am in a trusted space where whatever needs to emerge will emerge. She is generous with her time and committed to helping you feel well. I have had a few sessions with her now, not only do I feel better but I learn something from every interaction. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

S.B. – Switzerland

I had many reservations about hypnosis. I met Annamaria and decided to trust her. I was very surprised to discover a very interesting technique. It is a process which, after a few sessions, allows us to be autonomous and this is very important to me. This discovery has brought me a lot and I recommend it to my acquaintances, because it allows you to treat different problems in depth.

K.D. – Switzerland

I had a great, wonderful, almost unbelievable experience… (beyond my expectations) and I would love to repeat it again…

Self-hypnosis in group = positive experience and works well.

R.D. – Switzerland
Autohypnosis Course

I practiced self-hypnosis the day after your course, at a concert. It helped me to really listen to the music, rather than letting myself dream about 1000 things…

Good learning experience.

M.B. – Switzerland
Autohypnosis Course

A very big thank you for the online session you gave us, a rich experience that makes us want to continue … Thank you also for the documents and audios.

D.G. – Switzerland
Autohypnosis Course

Thank you a thousand times for this excellent class, a beautiful discovery … very interesting to put the mind to rest to get in touch with the Superconscious … Within the reach of all, without needing to sit in lotus, to wait for hours. Easy to understand, but above all to reproduce…

And then the grail, this approach with energy and chakras. The top for me who observes and learns every day from this manifestation …

During this ascension, I was reconnected to a mystical experience (not sought) lived a few years ago. And here I was again…..No words to say, to explain, just an immense gratitude.

Thank you Annamaria for your work which contributes to the elevation of the individual towards the Sacred.

S.C. – Switzerland
Autohypnosis Course

There is now a “before” and an “after” -initiation to self-hypnosis, because thanks to this first session, I feel that I have the necessary tools to reach this very constructive state, allowing me to move forward towards a better life, to know the limits and perhaps to overcome them

S.Z. – Switzerland
Autohypnosis Course

I really wanted to discover hypnosis but I didn’t trust the practitioners, I was afraid of being manipulated without my knowledge.

With Annamaria it was great! During the whole workshop Annamaria explains how things are going to happen, we always have the choice to enter or not into the experience and the following experiences are all in accordance with the explanations previously given.

At the end of the workshop we are provided with a precious tool for our well-being.

I had an incredible time. Thank you Annamaria.

V.G. – France
Autohypnosis Course