Remote hypnosis

Why do remote hypnosis?

Remote hypnosis is becoming more and more common and has shown excellent results in recent years. It is easy, powerful and very effective.

The results are excellent!

You stay at home, without having to travel. You sit or lie down comfortably with your computer, tablet or smartphone in front of you to establish the video connection that allows me to see your upper body, face and hands. At the moment you close your eyes, my voice is right with you to guide you safely to the desired result.

How to proceed for a remote session?

You need a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. The session preferably takes place via Zoom video conferencing or Skype. For the Zoom platform you do not need to be registered or have an account.

I send you directly the easy to follow Zoom link on which you just click to connect with me. Alternatively, I can contact you through Skype if you prefer. Once the video connection is established, we adapt your position so that it can be comfortable and optimal for you and so that I can see you properly during the session.

In the event of a problem with the connection (rare but possible), it is very simple, you finish the work in progress, open your eyes as long as necessary to re-establish the connection and, once done, close them again to return quickly and naturally to the level of hypnosis preceding the interruption. Or, if the connection problem persists, you emerge from hypnosis quietly and at your own pace to resume your activities.

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