Between lives

This is a hypnotic ‘journey’ to a state of heightened awareness in which the client can sense, hear and feel what the soul perceives between lives. A journey between the present life and the one before. A return to the period between the end of our last life and the beginning of the present one.

This often enlightening and deeply soothing experience can provide answers to fundamental questions such as:

– What is my fundamental nature?
– What is my mission in this life?
– Who are the people I find in it who have accompanied me from life to life?
– Is there a meaning to certain difficult experiences, that can help us change perception?

The precursor of this technique, used for therapeutic purposes, was Dr. Michael Newton who wrote several books about the experiences he had with his patients.
Other people and authors have written about their own near-death experiences and the visions they had during these moments between lives.

So what can we learn from this period and what happens to the soul during this time between incarnations?

For those who are interested and have already had an experience in regression in hypnosis, I propose this spiritual journey of self-understanding.
In person or online (via Zoom) for a duration of about 2-3 hours.

For people who have never had a regression in hypnosis, an additional preparatory session is required a few days before.